Planning Options for Parents of Minor Children

By Jackson Law Group
August 19th, 2016

Posted in Asset Protection,Probate & Trust Administration,Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning

Our personal planning services are for everyone!  Many people believe that only the elderly or those with bad health prognoses need to visit an attorney to do their estate planning and execute a will or trust.  Others may believe that they have no need for any planning as they may believe assets may automatically go to their children.  We recommend that you visit a Florida attorney to analyze your situation and ensure that your wishes in regards to your assets shall become reality. Life has many uncertainties and it is best to have peace of mind no matter your age. 

However, as we have discussed previously, other documents are also important and have benefits during your lifetime, such as a Durable Power of Attorney.  If you have minor children, there are specialized documents that can be very useful for you.  There are two documents that our firm offers that are especially applicable to those with minor children: a Power of Attorney for Care of Children and a Designation of Health Care Surrogate for Minor.

The Power of Attorney for Care of Children allows a person to take most actions you would be able to take on behalf of your children for their best interests.  If you are unable for any reason to take any actions necessary for the safety and care of your children, your designated attorney-in-fact can take actions necessary for the safety and care of your children.  This attorney-in-fact can take actions such as registering children for school, picking up children, sign permission and waiver forms, and other actions in the best interests of the children.

The Designation of Health Care Surrogate for Minor document concerns health care decisions for your children.  If you are unable or not reasonably available to make health care decisions for your children, your named surrogate can make those health care decisions for your children.

These documents can be especially helpful for those with children who frequently stay with others, such as grandparents.  In addition, they can be for limited duration, which is helpful if they are needed for living with relatives or friends for summer camps, vacations, or other specific child-care situations.  Please consider contacting a qualified Florida attorney to discuss what options might be beneficial for you.

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