Post-Hurricane Safety Tips for Our St. Augustine Neighbors

By Jackson Law Group
October 11th, 2016

Posted in Real Estate Law

As our community looks toward recovering from Hurricane Matthew, we would like to share a few important reminders. While the task of taking care of your property may be overwhelming, remember to take care of yourself by keeping the following in mind:

  • Many areas are still under boil water notice. Check local government Facebook pages such as the Johns County Government Connection, St. Augustine Police Department, St. Augustine Beach Police Department, and City of St. Augustine for updates that can help keep you safe.
  • If you are using a generator, be sure to use it safely. Portable generators emit carbon monoxide and should not be used indoors. You can find safety tips for generator use at the American Red Cross website here.
  • Be cautious as you begin taking steps toward assessing damage. Insurance adjusters will assess the damage to your property, but licensed professionals serve as a great way to have a non-interested party also assess the damage.
  • Be wary of individuals presenting themselves as licensed professionals without confirming that they are qualified to assist you. If you are hiring a contractor, confirm that they are licensed by the Department of Business & Professional Regulations (DBPR).

This is not an exhaustive list of safety tips, and you should consider checking updates with local government departments to stay aware of any hazards.

As you begin safely recovering in the aftermath of a hurricane, you will need to review your insurance policy and make sure you comply with any requirements for providing notice. Continue to document any damage with photographs of your property.

Keep in mind that insurance companies may not have your best interest at heart, but do not be intimidated. Seek professional legal advice as you begin your recovery process to ensure you have qualified professionals on your side.

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