St. Johns County Local Business Tax

By Jackson Law Group
September 30th, 2016

Posted in Business & Corporate Law,Tax Law & IRS Defense

When the State of Florida turned St. Johns County over to local government in 1972, the county elected to collect local business taxes (formerly known as occupational licenses). The local business tax, County Ordinance 72-2, requires all individuals or organizations doing business located in or operating in St. Johns County to obtain a local business tax receipt. The tax is paid annually with the fiscal year beginning on October 1.

A county local business tax receipt can be obtained at any office of the St. Johns County Tax Collector, by mail, or online. A state licensed professional will need to provide a copy of their current State of Florida license, and a sales business must obtain a sales tax number from the Florida Department of Revenue prior to obtaining a county local business tax receipt. In addition, prior to applying for the local business tax receipt in St. Johns County, a business owner should determine the location of their business. The location, whether it be within the city limit or not, will affect the procedures, requirements, and zoning compliance. More information can be obtained on the Tax Collector’s website here.

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